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My name is Diyang Bu. I'm a Front-end Architect, UI Developer and UX Designer. I have a passion for web development. I believe every project should have a unique identity and every single page shoud be attractive.

I received my master's degree from NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering.

Sublime is my favorite text editor. When I need to use other IDEs, I change their interface to Sublime theme.

I feel excited about the popularity of Angular, Backbone, React... It's great to see HTML drives the assembly of applications.

I always use CSS Preprocessors, SASS, LESS... And why don't you? It's more than useful.

I keep my file structures so organized. Not OCD, just really enjoy a well-maintained system.

I'm always eager to try new technologies. New CSS technique, new JS framework, new database language...anything.

I can spend hours browsing through cool UI elements, whether they are powered by CSS3 or JQuery.

I like working under pressure. Bringing something surprise to a demo before deadline is a wonderful feeling.

I don't really have a preference for OS. Windows and Mac are both fine. But I do prefer dual monitors.

I always have my earphones on. My music selection has no limit.

I go to museums frequently. I like modern art.

I'm a huge movie fan. I enjoy artistic indie films and summer blockbusters equally.

I watch sports calmly. Unless my teams lose, or win, or draw.

My Skills

I have years of solid experience in building HTML and CSS structure for large-scale enterprise application, creating individual visual themes for different clients, keeping consistency of UI and UX interactions across multiple apps, resolving responsive design, browser compatibility, multiple language support and accessibility issues.


Adobe CS
Responsive Design

Work Process

1. Analysis
2. Ideas
3. Design
4. Prototype
5. Develop
6. Test

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