HP InfoSystem is a technology consulting, services, solutions and outsourcing company.
We provide a broad spectrum of technology services to help organizations translate business strategies into simplified IT Solutions to “get technology to serve you better”.



  • Contract-to-Hire

    Contract-To-Hire Staffing offers the most flexible approach to adding resources without adding the burden of employment processing costs. It frees you from the obligations of a direct hire employee should the individual not be a match or if there is a business slow-down. This valuable offering helps you hire the right person with the right skill sets—and the right synergy—for your unique environment.

  • Long-term Staffing

    Need employees for an indefinite, long-term assignment? HP Info has the people you’re looking for. Through the use of innovative recruiting techniques, we maintain an on-going pool of flexible, highly qualified workers that are ready to go to work today. Our services will customize a staffing program to fulfill your company’s ever-changing needs.

  • Project Management

    Our effective process-based Program and Project Management ensures the delivery of high-quality and timely results in a broad variety of organizational functions and efforts. Our skilled program and project managers have years of experience in managing programs and their component projects, as well as the industry-recognized Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

  • Business Process Outsourcing

    HP Info offers a vast range of BPO services to enable high performance, including function-specific services such as procurement, HR and finance and accounting. Our High Performance in BPO research identifies the specific business outcomes and the collaborative behaviors and practices that enable clients to capture the greatest potential value from BPO.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Recruitment process outsourcing means many things to many people. We pride ourselves on our customer-focused approach to service delivery, and we know that no two RPO engagements are the same. Our applicant tracking system and revolutionary processes have simplified and standardized candidate sourcing, selection, hiring, on-boarding and retention. We provides a full complement of RPO services to our customers.

  • Vendor Management System

    Our customized VMS services are an extension of our commitment to offering truly individualized service for each client. To ensure we can supply our clients with the most qualified talent, we have staffed our VMS division with a team of experienced recruiting professionals who are specifically trained on each of our client’s VMS policies and procedures.


HP Info draws strength by utilizing the knowledge and experience of existing companies that dedicate time and money to become the best in their varying fields.

In the area of implementing PMO strategies, HP Infosystem goes beyond traditional project planning. Our consultants come armed with a methodology for managing and delivering success in a complex implementation environment. They share how dashboards for management can be used to monitor and experience transparency within the organization. They assist with breaking silos and increasing productivity so that information can be shared up and down the ladder.

Our consultants possess unsurpassed experience that spans decades of technological and industry-wide evolution. We will assist you in achieving your objectives by providing professional services of uncompromising quality and competency.

While enterprise applications are costly to run and difficult to manage, many companies will tell you they can make your systems work. Yet only HP Infosystem has delivered the largest, most complex and highest-reliability enterprise solutions for mission-critical applications at organizations like yours.

Enterprise applications are often costly to run and difficult to manage: You need to leverage your past investment but you also need to transform your liabilities back into assets. Customers today demand "on-the-spot," personalized service through the channel of their choice. HP Infosystem's Enterprise Service Solution is designed to meet the increasing demands of your customers while providing you the tools to generate revenue and increase profitability.

Organizations that invest in SAP look to optimize their operations, streamline business processes, integrate disparate systems, and utilize best-of-breed technology to get ahead of their competition. Global customers rely on HP Infosystem to maximize the ROI of their SAP investments. As SAP specialists, we help you realize the extensive benefits of SAP by discovering ways to optimize existing system functionality, eliminate inefficiencies, and tap into business intelligence and analytics for increased transparency into business operations.

We have a deep understanding of how to improve business processes and functions to achieve high performance. We have developed a number of innovative functional solutions using SAP technologyto help organizations get the most out of their SAP investments.

Customer Relations Management is about managing the organization’s relations with its customers. Our team of Analysts review the organization’s processes when dealing with their end users before developing an agreeable CRM solution workflow and modules.

Based on the approach defined, our varied solution architects then map these requirements to various COTS and Open-source CRM solutions. Feature coverage is provided to our clients for inspection for senior management approval.

Our approach is in understanding your customers and your market psychology to set in motion the solution package to automate your Customer relation’s management needs.

Custom web site development is only the beginning. With HP Infosystem, you can take your site to the next level with our professional programming and designs tailored to your organization.

With the custom website from HP Infosystem you do not have to adjust your specifications to the capabilities of a given platform or change your design visions to fit a template – we deliver the work precisely to your requirements.

Building a custom website does not mean reinventing the wheel. Our team has been in the website business for years and completed many projects – our delivery methodology has excelled. We starting with developing web application framework in our projects to reduce the development timeframe and yet maintain the highest quality of our code.

Our Telecom focus enables telecom companies to adopt best practices when implementing programs/project for internal and external clientele with cost effective budgeting and efficient solutions at the very core of our services. We enable best technology evolution to fulfill all our spectrums of your telecommunication needs in complex solutions such as Telecom Expense Management.

HP Infosystem's Telecom Expense Management system provides you with control and practical management of data, mobile, computer networks, the Internet and telephone communication services expenditures.

TEM solutions software helps you quickly identify areas of over-spending, whether it is mobile device management, telephony networks overlap, carrier contracts, or billing and invoice management. By evaluating which of these cause excessive expenses, you can advocate short term and long term savings.

Our E-Commerce service is a science to understand the product, propose the solution and effectively deliver the technology that best suits your needs! HP Infosystem's unique corporate culture inspires innovation in its employees.

Whether it is a high-end complex customer relations management system, e-commerce web development or customized COTS/open source product implementation, Our e-Commerce development teams are abreast with latest technologies, tools and innovative solution design capabilities!

While our clientele envision their web development strategies, impacts and feasibility, our team is equipped to handle web initiatives in any commercial or open source technology.our team of SME’s will review the market and perform the trend analysis to design the best competitive platform to service your target consumer market’s online experience!

Enterprise Content Management is about how organized your company is. With the rise of content volume, organizations struggle to use it effectively to draw meaningful customer insights from available data.

ECM solutions can mean more than just data centralization, mining, warehousing efforts. ECM’s require a degree of understanding the importance of your target audience and means of data presentation. HP Infosystem has created an ECM software, which delivers content, fully utilizing its potential. Our team enables delivery regardless of your content size, using industry-specific solutions to capture, activate, share, analyze and govern unstructured data to lower costs and risk while improving efficiency.

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